15When it comes to addiction, there are two different views that most people take. Some people think that addiction is a choice and that people can simply stop, while others think that addiction is a disease that takes time and treatment to overcome. Subsequently, some people are wrong, and others are correct.

At Hyannis Family Medical Care we understand the severity of addiction, as well as the varied level of difficulties that people have in their journey to overcome their addictions. Because of this, we offer addiction treatment, addiction detox, and addictions counseling to patients of our Cape Cod area clinic.

In today’s blog, we will be discussing some of the reasons that overcoming addiction can be an incredibly hard endeavor.

Obstacles In Overcoming Addiction

Whether someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, addiction can be incredibly hard to overcome. Not only does addiction hold a firm grasp on the physiological dependence of the affected person, but it also manifests itself as a social dependency. Essentially, addiction becomes a “comfort” — a comfort that is incredibly hard to shake.

But what are some of the more specific things that make addiction so hard to overcome?


One of the hardest parts of overcoming addiction is admitting that a problem exists in the first place. But why does denial exist? Shouldn’t it be rather obvious that a problem exists? While it might seem easy for someone to realize that they have an addiction, their addiction might feel like a sort of safety blanket — because the longer that they deny that they have an issue, the longer that they will be able to postpone the conflict of accepting that they have an issue.

Often times, denial is overcome with the support of others. Whether it be an intervention that prompts someone to make a positive change in their life, or something as simple as a private conversation where the person trusts you in confidence, support is one of the best ways to overcome denial that addiction exists.

Giving Up Their “Friend”

While it might seem a little counter-intuitive to refer to the substance that has caused addiction as a friend, that is often how someone with addiction might describe their substance of choice. The drug has been there for them in both good times and bad — providing them with the relief that they so desperately sought.

When addiction becomes framed in this way, people often overlook the mental and physical damages that their addiction is causing them. As the treatment process for addiction begins, it can often feel like a bandaid is being ripped off — and the affected person might see it as more painful to quit than to continue their addiction. Luckily, there are addiction treatments like Suboxone and Vivitrol that can be administered by a professional to make the process of sobering up more bearable.

The Fear of Stigma

When people think of addiction, they typically frame it as “a problem that someone doesn’t know that they have.” While yes, sometimes this is the case and people are unaware of their addiction, it is equally common that people are aware of their issues. Rather than making actions towards the treatment of their addiction, they might not — fearing that they will be labeled as an alcoholic or a drug addict.

Sadly, there is not much of a solution for this obstacle in overcoming addictions. While yes, there has been an active attempt to destroy the stigma surrounding addiction, it is still far from being mitigated and will likely be around for quite some time.

Inability To See Their Future

One of the lesser thoughts of obstacles in addiction is that of an addicts inability to see a future where they live an alternative lifestyle. As we mentioned earlier in today’s post, addiction can begin to feel like a safety blanket. When suffering from addiction, it can be hard to visualize life after addiction.

Support, counseling, and detox are all valuable tools in fostering an environment where someone suffering from addiction might be able to visualize life after overcoming their addiction. A combination of support from family and treatment from our team at Hyannis Family Medical Care can help an affected person to see the bigger picture and take a step in the right direction towards a sober life.  

Let Hyannis Family Medical Care Help You To Overcome Your Addiction

At Hyannis Family Medical Care, we believe that there is no step too small when it comes to choosing a path towards sobriety. Whether that step in the right direction be you speaking to a loved one, or getting in touch with our Cape Cod clinic, it is important to recognize that it was a step towards a happier and healthier future.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol, we urge you to get in touch with us today. Schedule a consultation with one of our addiction treatment specialists today. Contact us if you have any questions about our addiction treatment services.

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